Our Mission & Vision

Holy Temple Cathedral of Praise's

Mission and Vision Statement for 2021 and Beyond

Our Mission

To develop and maintain a Spiritual environment where the presence of God is visual and welcome. To equip God's people with every Spiritual, Natural, Financial, Social and Intellectual tool required to defeat Satan and his demonic forces.

Our Vision

To add to the Kingdom of God by Providing a Spiritual Atmosphere that will cause Deliverance to be manifest. We declare Deliverance not only of those with Spiritual Vices but to those with Mental and Moral Vices. The many masks of deception of the enemy such as Low self-esteem and self- confidence, the dysfunctionalizm of families, social morals, low educational levels, drug addiction and sexual identity challenges have hindered many from becoming all that God has ordained them to become. God has anointed this ministry to aid in the Removal of Burdens and the Destroying of Yolks; thus, enabling Holy Temple Cathedral of Praise Ministry to become a Great and Mighty Army all for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ in this Present world.


One People, One Voice, One Vision! (Acts 4:32)


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