Holy Temple Cathedral of Praise is a ministry where the Word of God is honored and preached with power and anointing, resulting in spiritual deliverance from the clutches and vices of Satan and his demonic servants. Our purpose is to build up each person that hears and receives the Word of God as it is preached and taught; with the end result of living in their Divine Purpose ordained by God before the foundation of the Earth.

We are assigned by God the responsibility of restructuring the Spirit, Soul, and Body of Man. Thus, enabling every person to become productive individuals in their home, their community, and the Kingdom of God. Yes, we are a God-ordained deliverance ministry with signs and wonders following us. There have been many healed of cancer, heart problems, and limbs that were medically scheduled to be amputated have been totally restored by the Power of Almighty God.

You will enter a warm and welcoming atmosphere where every person has great worth and purpose. You will experience the Presence of God at every service. Whether in person or viewing online!

We sincerely desire for you to come expecting to be blessed and fulfilled and empowered; no matter which service you are in. for we Love God and we Love you!

God's Richest Blessings Be Upon You!

Dr. Raymond & Lady Deborah Jones

Thank You For Visiting Holy Temple Cathedral of Praise. Stay Connected with The Holy Temple Family!